Keep your bags inside in a ventilated closet, away from bright sunlight and humidity when they are not in use. High or low humidity can cause these fibres to distort or warp. Prevent dust by keeping your straw bag in a cotton storage bag. Don’t use a plastic bag, because this woven, natural material needs to breathe! While in storage, make sure to keep these bags shaped when not in use by stuffing them and storing them upright.


It is important for you to remember to keep the products dry. Though dried seagrass/ water hyacinth/rattan is a natural material and will absorb any moisture, so it is important that the area the products is kept in be well ventilated. If it is moist for too long it is likely that the product will start developing mould and cause a lot of health risks.


The best way to clean this product is to run a vacuum over it regularly. This will keep away any dust that collects in the woven parts. Occasionally, use a mild soap and water solution to give it a fresh glow. Ensure that the products dry thoroughly thereafter. You may also use a nylon brush to remove any stains on the products.



Bamboo is a naturally replenishing grass and one of the world’s most renewable resources. This product is entirely handcrafted of natural material. Imperfections will occur but do not affect the use of the item.


Hand wash with a mild soap and cool water. Do not soakDo not put in the dishwasher, microwave, or refrigerator. Extreme changes in temperature will cause the material to crack over time. Dry thoroughly. Occasional use of mineral oil on the inside will help maintain its appearance.



Although lacquerware vases have been waterproofed, as these are entirely hand-crafted products it is advised that the vase is placed on a saucer or plate when first used to ensure there is no leakage.

Please also avoid using sharp implements when using serving dishes or bowls.


Wash your lacquerware in warm soapy water and dry using a soft cloth. Avoid use of harsh cleaning chemicals. Do not soak in water, or wash lacquerware in the dishwasher or use it in the microwave/ oven.

Keep lacquerware out of direct sunlight. To keep lacquerware looking its best, outer surfaces or decorative items may be polished with a small amount of car wax and a clean, soft, lint-free cloth.