About us

Vdecor is a direct manufacturer and professional trading company with our headquarters located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Formed in 2019 as a result of desire to preserve values inherent from Mother Nature and respect for our forefather’s traditional handcraft. We work closely with local craftsmen to designs, produce and export high-quality, environmentally friendly furniture made of natural materials with a natural finish.

Our vision is to do business in the most harmonious way, we focus on producing high-quality products that meet your standard, caring about our community, and put our planet on piority, all at the same time. That means you can be assured that every handcrafted order you make from us has a significant influence on the craftsmen’s life and community in Vietnam.

Management systems are used by Vdecor to motivate continuous progress. All our manufacturing processes have been designed to minimize damage to nature and our staff are being cared for.

Vdecor is also dedicated to building solid and long-term relationships with both our clients and the industry’s top and renowned firms. We aims to build the largest network of high-level manufacturers and suppliers possible, with the goal of providing high-quality products backed by the manufacturer’s certification or manufacturing history. All Vdecor products are manufactured in accordance with the quality standards for the European market. Therefore, each of our products is strictly gone through the quality check process at the manufacturer locations before reaching the final consumer.