Rectangular Handwoven Water Hyacinth Rug

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Rectangular Handwoven Water Hyacinth Rug


Material: Water Hyacinth

Size: M: 150×90 cm – L: 210×160 cm(could be customized)

Color: Light Brown (could be customized)

MOQ: 300 pieces

Usage: Tableware, Bowl, Tray

Payment: Paypal, Bank transfer

Shipment: By Air/Sea.

Packing: Carton/Pallet/big bag or customize

Trade Terms: FOB, CIF, Door to Door

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This beautiful handwoven rug is a great choice for those who are seeking eco-friendly sustainable materials and love the rustic style. To make this carpet we combined water hyacinth and wool yarn. It will last you for a long time and you will be delighted by the look and texture of this item. You can keep it in any room of your house, especially in the living room, bedroom, or kids’ room.

The rug is hand-woven by Vietnamese craftsmen using natural materials. Rugs and mats production in Vietnam has a long history and plays a big role in the local people’s lifestyle. As in many parts of Asia Vietnamese use the rugs for having a nap or to dine in a big company of family and friends. So they have a tradition of weaving these eco-friendly products for centuries.

This rug is made of water hyacinth, a beautiful plant that grows in the rivers of Vietnam. This plant grows very fast and often causes some problems for the local ecosystem and water transport when it grows too much. For this reason, locals regularly harvest it to keep the balance in the river’s ecosystem. Later they have learned how to use this material for creating beautiful products like rugs and baskets. It is quite a long and 100% handmade process, but it is a perfect material for sustainable consumption and zero waste ideas. On top of that water, hyacinth is a strong and durable material.

Product is available in 2 sizes:
M: 150×90 cm
L: 210×160 cm

How to take care of the product:
– Do not keep in under the direct sun as it might cause fading.
– Do not expose it to water, the dried seagrass could get rotten if it will be in the water for a long time.
– Regularly vacuum the rug with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, or clean it with the slightly damped brush.
– You could clean it with a dry or slightly damp cloth, wipe it in the direction of rows to avoid the dust going under the woven material.
– If you spill any liquids on the rug, clean it with a dry towel (if necessary with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water with a neutral ph), then dry it on air or using paper towels.
– If the rug is located in the room with very dry air, you periodically could spray it with a small amount of clean water.

– The color of the actual item may vary slightly from the displayed images as the shade of color might appear slightly differently on the displays and screens.
– As this product is hand-made using natural materials there might be some slight variations in size, the shade of color and could have some small marks and wear.

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